Frequently Asked Questions:

WHEN IS OUR IN SCHOOL ORDER DATE? Check the school bulletin and posters announcing the in school order date, time, and place. The order date will also be shown on the front of your packet envelope. Those seniors ordering a Window Decal, Key Chain, Lanyard, or Souvenir Tassels will receive them on order date. Those ordering online will receive their keepsake items within one month, following receipt of order.

WHAT PAYMENT METHOD IS ACCEPTED? Payment in full is requested; however a $100.00 deposit is required. Any order totaling $100.00 or less, must be paid in full (paying exactly the amount of your order). You may pay by credit/debit card (VISA or MasterCard). The balance owing on your order will be due at delivery. Delivery will be made at your high school, in late March, or early April.

WHEN IS THE DEADLINE DATE TO ORDER? Your order should be placed at school on the date shown on your packet envelope front. If you are unable to order at school, please mail your order form and payment to our office address, or order online at Late orders will be subject to late order charges and item restrictions. Any order received after Feb. 1st will incur a $5 late order charge and item restrictions.

HOW DO I PLACE AN ORDER? Please complete the online order fields carefully. You may order a package, add to your package, or order ala carte. If the accessory item includes choice of style, color, or size, please indicate your selections. Be sure to mark the quantity and our website will extend pricing and include shipping and state sales tax. If you have questions, please contact our office by email: @

WHAT ARE PACKAGE PLANS? Simplify your life! Save time and money. It's easy when you order a Package Plan. The benefits of ordering a package plan are... It's complete with everything you will need. It's less expensive ~ a substantial discount - $4.00 ~ $30.00 savings! The most popular items are included in our package plans. NOTE: package plans contain the cap & gown unit for your school. Be sure to include your gender, height, and weight in the package selection box on your order.

How are package plans selected? Statistical data is recorded each year informing us of the product items most in demand. We then incorporate these items into our popular package plans. The package plans offer a variety of products that are most commonly purchased, at a substantial savings. Packages start with basic needs and continue with a larger selection. If you do not find a package that suits your needs, simply order on an individual item basis.

WHAT IS A GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENT? The graduation announcement has been custom designed exclusively for your class and school.  Announcements are sent to friends and relatives honoring the graduate’s completion of their high school education. Important: the graduates name is not printed in the announcement wording. Name cards are inserted inside to identify the graduate. Please refer to the name card offering on our site.

Graduation Announcements are sold in units of 10 only (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc.) Grad announcements are $1.30 each, example: 10-Ann = $13.00, 20-Ann = $26.00, 30-Ann = $39.00, etc. Double envelopes and etiquette data are provided with each announcement.

10 Announcement @ $1.30 = $13.00 60 Announcement @ $1.30 = $78.00
20 Announcement @ $1.30 = $26.00 70 Announcement @ $1.30 = $91.00
30 Announcement @ $1.30 = $39.00 80 Announcement @ $1.30 = $104.00
40 Announcement @ $1.30 = $52.00 90 Announcement @ $1.30 = $117.00
50 Announcement @ $1.30 = $65.00 100 Announcement @ $1.30 = $130.00

PRODUCT OFFERING: To place a graduation order, please “select your school” first. Next, review the offering for your school and begin selecting the items you will need. Note: some products may not be available in your school.

SOUVENIR TASSELS: This is in addition to the tassel you will receive with your cap & gown unit. The souvenir tassel is featured in your school colors, and includes: the “Traditional” year date drop, or the sparkling “Grand” year date tassel.

CAP & GOWN PROGRAM FOR YOUR SCHOOL: Please refer to your schools online offering. You must order this unit if you wish to participate in the commencement ceremony. The cap & gown fabric, color, style, and accessory offering, has been developed by your school. The amount indicated online represents this program and its cost. Be sure to indicate your height (in feet and inches), weight and gender (male or female) in the cap & gown portion online. Weight is very important in gown sizing, please be accurate. NOTE: the cap & gown unit cost is included in each of the 4 popular package plans—a “one stop shop” for ordering.

Graduation announcements & accessories will be delivered at your school. The date, time, and place will be announced at school. If you have any questions, please contact our office. “Graduate Services Northwest” is proud to participate in this milestone in your life. Thank you and congratulations on your graduation!

“Graduate Services Northwest”
Your Graduation Checklist...

We have designed this Graduation checklist to help you organize the many things you have to do, both before and after you graduate.

  • Complete your graduation announcement list. You may use the packet envelope front to organize your list. Don’t forget to include complete addresses with zip codes.
  • Order your announcements, name cards, seals, address labels, thank you notes, and keepsakes.
  • Order your cap and gown on the same order form. Be sure to indicate your gender, height and weight.
  • Address and mail your announcements to arrive two weeks before graduation. (see mailing information below).
  • Make sure all your records (transcripts, library books, school fees, etc.) are current.
  • Get graduation info. from the school or office, including rehearsal times, location, dress code, and time of arrival for the ceremony.
  • Select the clothes and shoes you will wear with your cap and gown according to the graduation dress code.
  • Try on your cap and gown. Remove wrinkles according to instructions and hang the gown up until graduation, or iron inside-out with a medium to cool temperature iron.
  • If seating is limited for the graduation ceremony, obtain the tickets you need for family and friends.
  • Make travel and lodging arrangements for out-of-town guests.
  • Agree on a place to meet your family and friends after the ceremony.
  • Be sure to have your camera ready for pictures.
  • Plan your graduation celebration! Reserve a location, if necessary. Write out a guest list. Send Celebration Cards. Arrange for food, decorations and music.
  • Give Appreciation Gifts, or other mementos to special family members.
  • Send Thank You Notes to all of those that participated in your achievement and sent you a gift or card.

Thank You Note Etiquette

  • Send your Thank You Notes as soon as possible following graduation. People appreciate receiving Thank You Notes promptly. It makes them feel that they were an important part of the occasion and reassures them that their gift was received by you.
  • Write in a conversational tone, as if you were talking to them directly.
  • Write Thank You Notes for all gifts and congratulatory cards you receive, even if you’ve already thanked someone in person.
  • Specifically mention the gift in your note. If you received a gift of money, tell how it might be used. For example, "Your gift of $50.00 will help me buy a computer for college."